About Us
Mr. Khamees Kazem Al-Maraqa studied Business Administration and after graduating he worked with his father's factory for ice cream, and juices. When Aqaba turned to economic zone in 2001 the changing approach to the consumer and became popular that customers who visit the Aqaba loaded procurement reasoned change their profession to another profession DO preferred more to the consumer which is nuts.

And, with God willing, Al-Shaeb become the first position in the nuts industry in Jordan and abroad. Maraqas career involved in choice kinds of nuts, which they buy from multiple countries by adding selected the best kinds of nuts from the first product to satisfy customers. Import from several countries such as America, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, India and other countries of the world also has their factory in terms of modern hardware and ongoing maintenance and use of workers and staff are highly qualified and has extensive experience in the field of nuts. Types of nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, Albozor different forms, peanuts also different forms and luxury chocolate which is the local industry and the kind that frequently upon request, as well as imported chocolate.

Al-Shaeb has ten branches in Aqaba, five branches in Amman, a branch in Sweileh and three branches in Irbid. Getting people wanting nuts a day throughout the year, increases motivation in holidays and occasions. The coffee is imported from Brazil and spices from India and the United Arab Emirates and pistachios, hazelnuts from Turkey and cashew nuts from India and peanuts from Egypt and China. The reason for the success of Al-Shaeb the first with God willing and satisfaction from parents and people treated well, Also Great care to honesty. Quality nuts qualities gained the high fame from people. .